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Camper Corner

Camp Lawrence 101

Hey Campers! We made this page just for you! Here you will find answers to any and all questions you may have about Camp Lawrence before we see you this summer! Scroll down to see our activities, common questions, and lots of photos!

Common Questions

Q: How old do I need to be to go to Camp?

A: You can start coming to camp when you are at least seven years old and can keep coming up to and including the year you turn fourteen. After you turn fourteen you can think about applying to come back to camp as a CIT which means Counselor In Training.

Camper Corner: Welcome

Q: How many times can I go to Camp each Summer?

A: We know that you will have so much fun that you will want to come back for the whole summer. You can attend all five weeks of camp if your parents will let you. 

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Q: What group will I be in?

A: The boys and girls are both divided into eight groups. Which group you are in depends on your age. The other campers in your group will be the same age as you are. The youngest campers go in group number one and the oldest in group number eight. You go to all of your activities with the boys and girls who are in the same group number as you are.

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Q: What should I bring with me to Camp?

Camper Corner: List


Sleeping bag or blankets

Things to Pack



The most important thing to bring is yourself all ready to have fun, make friends at Camp! But, there are some other things you need as well:


Tooth brush
Comb or brush

Shower Caddy



Blue jeans and Long sleeve shirts for hikes 

Shorts and Shirts*




One-piece bathing suits

Rain gear

Gym shoes and a second pair of shoes

Shower Shoes or Sandals 

*Please note that all clothing must be modest (no half shirts) and appropriate (pictures, sayings, etc.).


You don't want to bring things that can break easily or that are expensive. If you bring a camera, it is best to bring the disposable kind. And we really suggest you leave any electronic games at home. We plan on keeping too busy to play with them anyways.




Writing supplies


Water bottle



*If you have any special medicine you take, your mom or dad will give these to the Camp Nurse who will make sure that you get them at the right time.


Q: Can my friend and I be in the same group?

A: If you and your friend are the same age there is a very good chance you will be in the same group. To help make sure, have your parents put your request on both you and your friend's registration forms for Camp.

Camper Corner: About

Q:Where do we sleep at Camp?

A: You sleep in our cabins with the other boys or girls in your group. Each camper has his or her own locker to put stuff in and sleeps on either the top or bottom of a bunk bed. If you need to be on the bottom of the bunk bed or want to be on the top, be sure to let your counselor know when you arrive at camp.
Sometimes lucky groups get to spend a night outside around a campfire and in tents. Maybe your group will be one of them!

Camper Corner: Opening Hours

Q: What do we eat at Camp?

A: Our Camp cooks get up early in the morning and start preparing delicious meals for us. For breakfast we always have cereal and juice but along with that they fix us pancakes, muffins, cinnamon rolls and other great stuff. At lunch and dinner, we have everything from corn dogs and hamburgers to chicken nuggets and pizza! Wednesday dinner is always a hot dog cookout down on the waterfront. And don't forget your MILK!

Camper Corner: Opening Hours

Q: What are the themes of the weeks?

A: Each week of camp has a special theme. Activities are then planned for that theme. Some of our favorite themes are:

Camper Corner: Services

Q: What happens each day at Camp?

A: Each day at Camp Lawrence is filled with fun activities. Just look below to see what a day at Camp looks like.


We wake up to the sound of music being played in the cabins. This is the sign that it is time to get up and get ready for the day. The first thing we do is dress, the counselors tell us what we need to wear for the day, and then we clean our cabin. Cleaning our cabin is an important part of camp because whoever has the cleanest cabin gets to be first in line for meals for the next day! Next everyone gathers together for flag raising and then down to the dining hall for breakfast.
At camp, we know that everything that is good comes from God. So we start out each day with Morning Liturgy to give God thanks for his goodness. It is a lot of fun. We learn songs, listen to really great stories that teach us about being good people and on Wednesday we take the Camp Lawrence Huggers Pledge!

After Liturgy, we have our morning activities. The activities are Arts and Crafts, Nature, Sports and Swimming. Each morning, we go to three of them with rest of the campers in our group. These are always fun!
By the time noon comes around, believe me we have all worked up an appetite. Everyone gathers in the cafeteria for lunch. But first, we find out who won clean cabin. Then the winning girls and boys group get to eat lunch first.
After lunch, we take a little time for rest period. During rest period, we get our mail from home, write letters to home ourselves, read any books we brought from home, and rest up so we have energy for all the afternoon and evening activities for the day.

Sports _2.jpg

When rest period is over, we have Canteen and rec-swim. At Canteen, we use our canteen card to buy pop, ice-cream, candy bars to eat. For rec-swim, we can play on the beach or go swimming in the lake with our friends.
Time flies and soon we are on our way to fourth activity. For fourth activity, we go to whichever activity we did not make it to in the morning.

After fourth activity, everyone comes together for flag lowering and dinner. Sometimes we have dinner in the cafeteria other times we might all have a hot dog cookout! Whatever we do, you can be certain that the food will be good.
Now comes my favorite part of the camp day - evening activity. You never know what the activity staff will have planned for this. You might go on an activity staff hunt. This is when the activity staff dresses up in all kinds of strange costumes and then hides, we then go searching all over the campground looking for them. When we find one, we have to guess who it is.

night time.jpg

At night, we might go for a nighttime hike around the lake, build a campfire and make smore's, listen to ghost stories, visit with new friends, sneak into canteen for a late night snack and finally fall asleep dreaming of all the fun the next day has in store for us.

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