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Theme Weeks 2024

Themes: Team
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Time Travel Week

Not Available in 2024

Come to camp and travel through time! Join us as we head back to meet the dinosaurs, visit the renaissance, and even journey into the future! Our schedule: Prehistoric Era, Ancient Greece, Renaissance, 1980s, and the distant future. 

Spirit Week

Not Available in 2024

If you are ready for a competition, you are ready for Spirit Week! Each day provides a new way to win from Cheer-offs to our Crazy Day Hunt. All this excitement builds up to our famous, day-long, all-camp competition:


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Holiday Week

July 21st- July 27th

Wake up every day to a new Holiday. We'll celebrate Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, Christmas and other favorites. Highlight: Halloween Haunted House.

Carnival Week

July 14th - July 20th

The Carnival comes to Camp Lawrence! Complete in games, win tokens, and earn prizes. Highlight: Carnival.


Red Carpet Week

July 7th - July 13th

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! Come with us as we bring to life all of your favorite movie genres such as, Super Heroes, Wild West, and Disney. You will even get a chance to shine at our Red Carpet Premiere!

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