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Camp Lawrence at a Glance

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Who are we?

When is our camping season?

What should my child and I expect?

All these questions answered and more!

Who are we:

Camp Lawrence is a summer camp program located in Valparaiso, Indiana, for boys and girls ages 7-14. Camp Lawrence operates under the direction of the Catholic Youth Organization of Northwest Indiana. While we are a catholic camp, each year we have a number of non-Catholic Campers. We welcome each child regardless of his or her religious background. We currently run for five weeks during the summer, each week with its own theme and unique activities.

Our 2023 Camping season is currently scheduled as followed:

June 18th - June 24th- Time Travel Week

June 25th - July 1st- Spirit Week

July 9th - July 15th- Holiday Week

July 16th - July 22nd- Carnival Week

July 23rd - July 29th- Red Carpet Week


  • All weeks of Camp are $425.00

  • There is a discount of $25.00 for regularly priced weeks, $400 if your registration is postmarked before May 14, 2023.

  • Only one discount is allowed and applies to regular priced weeks only.

*Please note: A $100.00 deposit is due with each registration, for each week your child will be in attendance.

A view our our Cabins

Housing and Meals:

Upon arrival, Campers are separated into groups based on the age. There are a total of eight groups each of boys and girls. During the daytime, groups of boys and girls of the same age rotate between the activities. We also have separate cabins for the boys and girls. We do our best to accommodate request that particular children be in the same group as each other. If you wish your child to be with a friend, make sure that both your child's application and that of his or her friend provide this information. Each group is over seen by two counselors.

As for meals, we serve three balanced meals each day which meet and often exceed the same standards of nutrition followed by Indiana Schools. Our meals taste better than school food too!! We enjoy camp favorites such as hot dog cook outs and hamburgers as well as dinners of chicken strips. Breakfast always includes cold cereal and another item such as pancakes. If your child has any dietary restrictions please let us know at arrival.

A view of our cafeteria and Lake Moss


Camp Lawrence has a camp nurse on staff who oversees the health of the campers and staff. The camp nurse reviews the physicals of all youth attending camp at registration and is available to speak with parents about any particular health concerns. All medication is kept in the nurses cabin and is administered by the nurse to insure proper dosage and timely reception. The nurse monitors the health of everyone at camp and contacts parents as necessary when health concerns arise. In the case of an emergency, Camp Lawrence is minutes from Porter Memorial Hospital in Valparaiso



Camp Lawrence is home to our very own beautiful Lake Moss. Campers have the opportunity to enjoy the lake twice a day, once for swim lessons and once for recreational swimming, all monitored and taught by multiple Red Cross certified lifeguards. At the beginning of the week, each camper is given a swim test to determine current swimming level. We do this as a safety precaution and to tailor swim lessons to the campers needs. We have campers ranging from swim team captains to very new beginners, so come as you are!


At Camp Lawrence we have almost every sport under the sun! As one of the four main activities your camper will attend sports once a day and our 144 acres allow us ample opportunities for unique activities. A typical day at sports could vary from a game of basketball at the outdoor basketball hoops to a game of soccer or kickball out in one of our grassy fields (although our favorite is a round of GAGA in our Gaga pit). Sports is lead by a member of our activity staff to maintain safety and supervision. Your child will learn incredible skills such as teamwork and competition, all while having a blast.

○Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts is a staple of the summer camp identity and Camp Lawrence is no different. Once a day your child will have the opportunity to get creative and bold with new and engaging crafts. These crafts are taught and monitored by our Arts and Crafts Director so that no one gets lost or discouraged along the way. Campers can enjoy classic camp activities, such as friendship bracelets, popsicle stick art, and lanyards, or our special crafts that align with the theme of that week. For instance, during Red Carpet Week your camper will find themselves designing their own super hero cape, while Spirit Week will have your child tie-dying t-shirts to match their color wars teams. Either way the creativity and fun never stops at Arts and Crafts.


An appreciation for the outdoors is the forefront of our mission and we put that mission into action in the form of our final activity, Nature. Under the guidance of our Nature Director, Campers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in multiple hands-on learning experiences throughout the 144 acres Camp has to offer. The campers have a chance to embrace the creation around them through multiple activities, ranging from the calming activities of Tai Chi Chuan and nature appreciation to more interactive activities such as fire building and exploring one of our many nature trails. If you are lucky and the weather is just right, thanks to Mother Nature some campers get to experience the greatest nature activity of all...MUD HIKES! Thanks to the rainy day, campers are able to hike through the woods and slide down the ravines, guaranteeing muddy jeans and smiling faces! Nature will allow your child to learn and appreciate the beautiful outdoors right in our own backyard.


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